Medical: Dental clinic interior, 1996
Net Floor Area: 600 square feet / 55.7 square metres

Located in a nondescript medical building in downtown Toronto, this was a complete renovation of an existing but dated dental clinic. A concept of "thinness" was employed to facilitate an expanded program, and the design considered materials, finishes, and equipment integration as essential to a proper and consistent performance of the space. Hygiene, acoustics, and radiation protection from X-ray machines had to be taken into account. The operatory partitions and cabinets posed an interesting challenge: Clad in either solid-wood veneered marine grade plywood or surgical-grade stainless steel, they had to be fully lined with lead. The structural capacity had to factor in the weight and malleability of the lead. This was achieved through a series of laminations over a structural steel internal frame. A vintage solid cherry wood tile floor that had been recycled and refurbished was used throughout. The floor was complemented by a simple palette of materials, including cherry veneer paneling, translucent glass and milled aluminum plate. The suspended ceiling was recycled and the acoustic composite panels replaced with white, semi-opaque acrylic sheet. The subtle, reflective quality of the acrylic allows for unexpected surveillance when a patient is reclining in the dental chair.