Fresh and Wild Food Markets, 2005 to 2009

Creative architectural solutions were sought to establish a unique identity. Each store is an iteration of the last, while maintaining a distinct architectural vocabulary in response to site-specific criteria.

FW2: Fresh and Wild Food Market and Cafe at the Hudson, interiors, 2006 
Net Floor Area: 4,400 square feet / 408.8 square metres

This specialty food store occupies two fully glazed volumes on the ground floor of the Hudson condominium in downtown Toronto. Climate control was a key factor in the high-volume space, with careful consideration given to solar heat gain and the maintenance of fresh produce. The store is laid out on two levels and required the installation of a dual-purpose ramp that allowed for accessibility and for shopping carts to reach the elevated grocery floor. Acrylic panels, typically used in hockey rinks, were employed as guards for the ramp. Custom cabinetry constructed in walnut with stainless-steel-clad counters was designed to surround the refrigerated food cases with other product displays. Special attention was given to the cafe wall treatments, which were clad in floor-to-ceiling walnut, and the installation of decorative walnut members in the vertical axis, to further heighten the space. Suspended, exposed high-efficiency lighting creates consistent illumination and demarcates the shopping aisles. The store is equipped with a full production kitchen, walk-in refrigerated coolers and freezers.