G21: Private residence, retrofit with multiple additions, 2007
Gross Floor Area: 1,465 square feet / 136.1 square metres

Located across from the G22 house, much of the original envelope of this post-war, two-storey home was retained in order to work in scale with the surrounding neighbourhood. Extensive use of glass on the front and rear mirrors the proportions of the house across the street while allowing for a unique identity. The transparent ground floor found in the original - a continuation of the urban strategy employed in the intervention - allows for an uninterrupted sightline from the street through several rear yards. The view extends to a park located at the south end of the block, providing a visual link through two city blocks, creating a 'green' corridor. The renovation involved elevating and replacing the second floor and vaulting the upper floor ceiling. Exterior insertions clad in black anodized aluminum help dematerialize the envelope in the dark and mask the intervention. The extent of the cantilevered structure at the north and south end was dictated by program requirements. To create consistency with the exterior treatment, special attention was given to the interior stairs and upper corridor guard, which were colour-matched and painted in matte finish, allowing them to stand in sharp contrast with the whiteness of the main floor. Further emphasizing the stair intervention is the second-floor opening that was achieved by pulling back the guard in axis with the easterly facade. The final result is a space that is open, yet compressed.